CRPROF-NQF5-KM-12 Workplace Assignments

Workplace Assignment 4 (WM-04): Engage the leadership of a faith community in discussions on Missional leadership and operational management practices.

We recommend that this Workplace assignment be completed and submitted at the end of Knowledge Module 12 – Principles of Church Leadership and ministry management. Students or pastors who are already familiar with the principles of Church Leadership are allowed to complete this Workplace assignment earlier during their studies.

The focus of the work experience is providing the Learner with an opportunity to: Discuss Missional leadership and operational management required for the organizational wellbeing with the leadership of a church. 

Explanatory notes for the students

This assignment only consists of one part comprising the following three tasks. 

Do an assignment whereby you engage your Church in Missional leadership, focussing on the following three aspects:

  • Identify the leadership styles in the Church where you worship. Use the different leadership styles as taught in Module 12 to identify which of them are present in your current congregation. Keep in mind the difference between worldly and Godly leadership and examples of sacrificial Biblical leaders such as David, Nehemiah, and Moses.
  • Prepare a programme to inform the Church on what Missional leadership is. This requires that the student summarizes in a neatly presented program the main points about leadership that were learnt in Module 12. For instance, what is leadership, the difference between management and leadership, the difference between worldly and Godly leadership, leadership qualities, etc.?
  • Present a programme on Missional leadership in a church. Arrange with your evaluator/pastor to present this program at your local congregation. We recommend that you divide the teaching into two 1.5-hour sessions each. For instance, a Saturday morning starts at 9h00 – 10h30 with a half-hour break and again from 11h00 – 12h30. 

Supporting evidence on assignment four to be submitted: 

  1. SE0101 – You should submit a typed detailed programme on Missional leadership presented in your Church. Please submit the entire teaching as supporting evidence (1650-2250 words). 
  2. SE0102 – An evaluation of the leadership programme that was presented. In this section, your evaluator must complete an evaluation of your presented program. See the evaluation sheet attached. This evaluation sheet must be submitted together with SE0101. 

Explanatory notes for Evaluator/pastor/mentor

Thank you for your willingness to guide, grow and teach this Learner in their workplace experience. Please evaluate the student according to this form. After that, submit the evaluation form as part of the student’s supporting evidence (SE) that will contribute to their statement of results.  

In your opinion listening to the teaching on leadership:YesNo
Was the teaching well organized and presented?
Did the student properly explain why they were about to speak on leadership?
Did the student connect and interact with the audience?
Did the student give a clear definition of leadership?
Did the student explain the difference between worldly and Godly Leadership?
Did the student refer to Biblical examples of leadership?
Was the importance of the qualities of Biblical leadership clearly communicated? 
Was the teaching well perceived by the audience?
What mark will you give the teaching out of 10? (1-Low and 10-High)