CRPROF-NQF5-KM-11 Workplace Assignments

Workplace Assignment 5 (WM-05) Plan an outreach or community development project in a community

We recommend that this Workplace assignment be completed and submitted at the end of Knowledge Module 11 – The missional calling of the Church. Students or pastors with previous experience in this field can complete this Workplace assignment earlier during their studies.

Work experience aims to provide the Learner with an opportunity to Plan an outreach or community development project (could be with limited scope and once-off) in a community by a church and promote awareness or advocacy to address a specific issue. 

Explanatory notes for the students:

This assignment consists of three parts.

Part one:  Plan or be part of an outreach or community development project in a community.

  • Identify an outreach or community development focus area for or in a community. This part of the study requires the student to do a bit of praying and seek the Lord’s guidance to identify an outreach area or community. It would also be helpful to speak to the Church and Community leaders to determine specific needs.
  • Plan a programme to address the specific focus identified. After identifying the community and need that must be addressed, the Learner must now plan a schedule. The program must include the following: Time frames, departure or gathering points, contact details, people attending the outreach, primary purpose of what the student would like to achieve by outreach – for instance, spreading the gospel, healing the sick, deliverance, teaching etc.

Part two: Implement an outreach or community development project in a community

  • Gather interest and support in the Church for the programme utilizing appropriate communication and other media. This requires that the Learner make an appointment with Church leadership through their mentor and discuss possible options to communicate awareness and interest with the local congregation. This may include but is not limited to: short multimedia clips to be played before or during the Service, time allocated during services to share outreach vision with the congregants, WhatsApp groups etc. Learners in study groups or workplaces are allowed to use the same content. 
  • Enable/empower participants for their roles in the programme. After the Learners team has been established, develop a strategy for utilizing each participant in the outreach. One idea is to identify different aspects of the outreach and then give participants a chance to express where they would like to be involved. After allocation, time must be spent preparing the team for the day of outreach. This may include prayer, intercession, teachings, information sessions etc.
  • Present a strategy to implement the programme in the community. In this section, the Learner must think more strategically. You now know the participants and their specific skill sets and set out a strategy to fulfil your mission. 

Part three: Promote awareness and advocacy to address a specific issue 

  • Identify possible issues that require awareness and advocacy. The Learner, by this time, must know the primary purpose of the mission. For instance, the purpose of the mission is to pray for deliverance. Identifying possible issues requires that the Learner do some research to identify potential deliverance issues, such as demonic deliverance, strongholds to be broken, ancestorial curses, etc. After identifying problems, empower the participant with specific recommendations that must be kept in mind handling difficult situations.  
  • Gather interest and support in the Church for a specific issue requiring focus. Most of these points should have been covered in the previous sections. Most importantly – focus on meeting a particular need. The outreach must be purpose-driven.
  • Compile a facts sheet on the issues that were identified to be addressed. Keeping everything in mind discussed so far, the Learner must develop an informational fact sheet for all outreach participants. 
  • Utilize appropriate communication and other media to drive awareness and advocacy. This requires that the Learner establish a proper communication manner to keep all participants updated. A WhatsApp group for all participants may be a good start. Please think of alternative options.

The Learner must submit the following supporting evidence for assessment to their facilitator. 

  1. SE0101 – Give a written report of a detailed program of outreach. The written report/program must be between one and two pages long. Remember to include detail as the question requires. 
  2. SE0201 – Give a description or submit examples of the media and material used to inform the programme’s participants. Submit at least three examples of material used to create awareness of the outreach. This may be a brochure, WhatsApp, video clip, PowerPoint etc. 
  3. SE0202 – Report on the implementation strategy of the programme with suggestions on how to sustain the programme or rerun the programme in the future (400 to 600 words).
  4. SE0301 – Already covered in SE0201.
  5. SE0302 – Give a written fact sheet on at least one of the issues requiring awareness and advocacy with the relevant information, stakeholders, and remedial measures, or alternatively, state how the situation should be addressed (500 – 750 words).
  6. SE0303 – Give a written report on implementing the awareness and advocacy process (300 – 400 words).

Explanatory notes for Evaluator/pastor/mentor

Thank you for your willingness to guide, grow and teach this Learner in their workplace experience.

There are no evaluation forms for the evaluator to complete in this assignment. However, we request that the evaluator assist the student in organizing the mission outreach. We require that the evaluator be involved in the following stages: 1) Planning of mission/outreach with the Learner, 2) Briefing of participants before the outreach 3) Supervision on the outreach day. 

Written confirmation from the evaluator that the above workplace assignment did take place.

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