Section 3 – The Structure Of A Module

The module landing page

When you click on the title of a module on the Learner Dashboard, you will be redirected to the module landing page. At the top of the page you will see the percentage completed, the date/time of your last activity and the Status (In Progress / Completed) of the module.

Below this, you will see two Tabs. The Tabs will also appear on the landing page of a sections and will display the related content.

    The Module Tab

    The Module Tab gives an outline of the steps that form part of the module. These are the steps referred to in the Learner Dashboard Module Summary. These steps are used to calculate the percentage of the module completed and is displayed in the module summary as for example 1/7 Steps.

    Although it is possible that the steps may vary between the modules. the structure will always be more or less the same. The steps are:

    1. Introduction
    • Consists of an introduction video of the module.
    • The complete this step the video must be watched before this section can be marked as completed.
    1. Sections
    • Each section consist of material content that needs to be worked through. Each section must be “Marked Complete” before you continue to the next section. This is important for your preperation for the weekly facilitation session or class.
    • Internal Assessment Criteria (IAC) can be found at the end of most sections. These IAC’s forms part of your assignment that is submitted at the end of each module. The only exception is Module 2. Module 2 have four sub-modules and the assignment is submitted at the end of module 2.4.
    1. Assignment
    • In this section you will find a list of all the IAC’s for the assignment.
    • All the IAC’s, Practical assignments and Workplace assignments must be submitted in a single pdf document.
    1. Multiple Question
    • The Multiple Question is a self test that help you to evaluate your understanding of the material. The questions will relate to all the sections of the module.
    • There is a time limit to complete the Multiple Questions and may vary from between modules. The timer will start automatically when you click “Start Multiple Question” and will pause if you leave the page. The timer will resume from the time elapsed time when you start the multiple question again.
    • The passing score is 50%. You are allowed retake the multiple question once.

    The Materials Tab

    Here you can access the latest version of the PDF Handbook of the landing page or section. The online material are always superior to the handbook since it can be updated more frequently.