KM-02-KT02: Interpretation of the Bible


  1. IAC0201 Describe how different faith traditions deal with the interpretation of the Bible.

  2. IAC0202 Discuss the principles of understanding and interpreting the Bible for our time and situation (the basics of hermeneutics and exegesis).

  3. IAC0203 Identify and explain irresponsible Bible interpretation practices that must be avoided.

  4. ETTA - IAFT101 - Choose two texts from Section 5 and apply the hermeneutic process to each one.

  5. ETTA – IAFT102 – Explain the hermeneutic process in your own words.

  6. ETTA – IAFT103 - Choose two of the passages from Scripture in the “Task and Theme” chapter in this module and apply the hermeneutic process to each one

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