KM-01-KT02 Interpretation of the Bible

These assessments are part of the learning proses and serve as preparation for the summative assessment. All assignments must be written in your own words and not just a duplication of the content of this module. Each assignment must be approximately 150 words (1 A4 page written – writing, must be readable) and must have a front page indicating the student name, student number and assignment heading e.g. “Discuss the role of preaching in ministry” and the assignment code e.g. “IAC0101”

• IAC0101 Explain how the Bible came into being
• IAC0102 Background and message of the various books
• IAC0103 Explain the link between the Old and New Testament
• IAC0104 Complete a timeline of the content of the Bible
• IAC0105 Explain what is meant by the inspiration and authority of the Bible

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