CRPROF-NQF5-KM-09 Workplace Assignments

1) Workplace Assignment 2 (wm-02) Plan and conduct teachings and develop
Ministry activities, to enhance the quality of fellowship and mutual care:

We recommend that this Workplace assignment be completed and submitted at the end of Knowledge
Module 9 – Spiritual formation, life skills training and value system development. Students or pastors with
previous experience in this field are allowed to complete this Workplace assignment earlier during their

This assignment aims to provide the Learner with an opportunity to: Observe and experience fellowship
and care in a faith community and then enhance the fellowship and care through ministry activities.

Explanatory notes for the students
This assignment then entails two parts: focus on the quality of the fellowship and report on it and
then implement strategies to improve it.

Part one: Observe
The Learner is required to use the same Church identified as their workplace. Observe and describe
the existing relationships in the faith community in the following steps:

  • Draft a checklist to be used in the faith community to gauge fellowship and level of support. The student is required to develop their own checklist to measure fellowship. For instance: What is the level of trust that congregation members have in their spiritual leaders etc?
  • Interact with members of the Church utilizing a variety of modes of interaction (visitations, group meetings, leadership meetings) over a period of at least two months. It is important to arrange these meetings with the workplace evaluator/mentor. Never ask questions that may jeopardize the current leadership or relationships. Keep a written record of all the interactions as part of your portfolio of evidence.
  • Evaluate the state of the relationships and the level of mutual support and sense of belonging. This requires that the student write a short evaluation of the overall state of relationships as observed over two months. Evaluation can be more or less 3 to 4 paragraphs in total.
  • Compile a report on the findings of the evaluation of the relationships and the level of mutual support and sense of belonging. In this section, the student must write a detailed report on their findings.

Part two: Implement

Conduct at least three (3) ministry activities to enhance the quality of fellowship and mutual care in a specific faith community. It can be activities in different settings like small groups, worship services etc. You can also focus on different interest groups like young married couples, parents, seniors, or persons of the same profession etc. Discuss the options of different settings with your evaluator/pastor. Arrange with your evaluator/pastor to set up the above activities. The three ministry activities must be at least 1 hour each. In other words, a minimum of 3 hours in total.

The Learner must submit the following supporting evidence for assessment to his/her facilitator.

  1. Write an evaluation report that addresses the vital aspects of the relationships, support and sense of
    belonging observed (200 – 300 words).
  2. Submit the checklist or tool you created to be used in the Church to gauge the level of fellowship
    and support. The checklist must at least have 15 different checkpoints.
  3. Report on the modes of interaction consisting of at least ten visitations, five group meetings and
    two leadership meetings. Please remember to arrange an appointment through your appointed
    evaluator/pastor or mentor. (500 to 750 words).
  4. Write a report describing the ministry activities you used to enhance the quality of fellowship and
    mutual care, its impact and lessons learned (400 -500 words).
  5. Outline the planned future ministry activities showing sensitivity to the context of the faith
    community and appropriateness of the level of the audience it is intended for (400-500 words).

Explanatory notes for Evaluator/pastor/mentor
Thank you for your willingness to guide, grow and teach this Learner in their workplace experience.
There are no evaluation forms for the evaluator to complete in this assignment. However, we request
that the evaluator assist the student in the set-up of meetings and appointments. Please ensure that you
have the approval of the local Church board or Senior Pastor.

Written confirmation from the evaluator that the above workplace assignment did take place.

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