CRPROF-NQF5-KM-08 Workplace Assignments

A copy of these workplace assignments must be handed to the student and their appointed evaluator/pastor before commencing the first workplace task. Feedback and evaluation from the evaluator/pastor must be completed on this form and returned to the student. The student must hand in these assignments together with the knowledge modules where they are linked. For instance – Workplace assignment 1 is to be submitted at the end of Knowledge Module 7. 

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Evaluator Name ________________

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Workplace Assignment 1 (WM-01) conduct a prepared worship service to nurture the relationship with god.

We recommend that this Workplace assignment be completed and submitted at the end of Knowledge Module 7 – Principles of Preaching. Students or pastors who are already familiar with the preparation and preaching of sermons are allowed to complete this Workplace assignment earlier during their studies. 

This assignment aims to provide the Learner with the opportunity and experience to prepare and conduct a worship service in a faith community to help people start and grow a relationship with God. This assignment includes planning and conducting a service and delivering a sermon during that Service. 

Explanatory notes for the students

This assignment consists of two parts (1) the preparation and the (2) conducting of service and delivering a sermon. 

Part one: The preparation

The Learner must choose where to conduct the Service (i.e., small group, focus group, church service) and what specific type of worship service (i.e., children service, regular Sunday worship service, Funeral Service etc.).

Please note: Students are allowed to deliver the sermon in front of a small group, etc., as long as the normal elements of a Church Service are present, namely, some liturgical elements (even if it is a word of welcome), praise and worship, and the delivery of the sermon.

The student must identify a Bible Text and illustrate that they can discern (search for) God’s message in the text through spiritual practices and disciplines. The duration of the sermon must be between 15 and 20 minutes. The student may choose any sermon topic or text of their choice. 

Students are advised to use the text interpretation studies that they have conducted in Knowledge Module 2.

Part two: Lead a worship service and deliver a sermon

In this second part of this assignment, the Learner must lead a worship service and deliver the sermon (i.e., group of people) in the evaluator’s presence.

What do we mean by “lead a service”. This requires that the student not only preaches the sermon but also plans and conducts the other elements of a regular Church service. If done in front of a small group, the student can consult with their facilitator to arrange these elements. For instance, the liturgical component can be replaced by a word of welcome and musical praise and worship by a prayer of worship and praise.  

What do we mean by “deliver a sermon”. This requires that the student physically preach the sermon in front of a live audience in the evaluator’s presence. At least 15 minutes long. 

The Learner must submit the following supporting evidence for assessment to their facilitator. 

  1. SE0101 – An outline of the Bible study, contextual analysis and discernment process followed that was conducted in preparation for the Service. Students are advised to use text interpretations already done in Knowledge Module 2. 
  2. SE0102 – The prepared sermon is preferably typed in word format (1500-1750 words).
  3. SE0103 – A document showing the prepared worship service related to the audience’s context. Explain why you have chosen this specific topic for the particular audience (200-300 words). 
  4. SE0201 – A document showing how the liturgical elements of the Service were structured. Almost like a program for the Service (200-400 words). 
  5. SE0202 – Evaluation form signed by pastor/mentor/evaluator. 

Explanatory notes for Evaluator/pastor/mentor

Thank you for your willingness to guide, grow and teach this Learner in their workplace experience. Please evaluate the student according to this form. After that, submit the evaluation form as part of the student’s supporting evidence (SE) that will contribute to their statement of results.  

The focus of work experience in this assignment is to provide the Learner with an opportunity to conduct a worship service (this may include preaching) in a faith community to help people to create/create and grow a relationship with God.  

In your opinion listening to the sermon:YesNo
Was the worship service well planned?
Did the student cover all the essential elements of a typical worship service; liturgical, praise and worship, sermon delivery?
Was the student-organized, and did the service flow smoothly without distractions?
Was the Learner well prepared for their sermon?
Did the Learner connect with the audience regarding their deliverance and contexts?
The student made good eye contact throughout the Service (by constantly shifting their focus) and used appropriate facial expressions and gestures?
Did the sermon have a proper introduction, body and conclusion?
Did the sermon move the attendees emotionally, spiritually and mentally?
Was the student sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit during the Service?
What mark will you give the sermon out of 10? (1-Low and 10-High)