CRPROF-NQF5-KM-08 Practical Assignments

The Practical skills component builds on what was learned in the knowledge component and will give the learner the necessary practice through a practical exercise that may be carried out as follows:

  • In the classroom setting
  • In a small group setting
  • Or as per the requirements of the particular Assignment. 

The completed Integrated Assessment Criteria (IAC) must be uploaded onto the LMS as per the prescribed procedures. Please make sure that you upload and allocate your IACs to the correct section on the LMS.  Your assignments are to be uploaded onto the LMS at the end of a part, together with the knowledge modules where they are linked. For instance – A practical assignment (PM02) is to be submitted at the end of Knowledge Module 8.

The assessment of the practical assignments will be carried out as per the usual assessment procedure. 

Practical Assignment 2 (PM-02) Conduct Worship Services within the faith community. 

  1. IAC0101: The planned worship services must show an understanding of different kinds of worship services, the liturgical elements, and the relationships between these parts.
  2. IAC0102: The liturgical plan (planned worship service) must have a logical flow and thought throughout the process.
  3. IAC0103: Liturgical elements to facilitate the faith communities’ experience of an encounter with God and mutual fellowship was identified and included in the plan. 
  4. IAC0104: The liturgical elements must be intentionally structured to support the faith community in understanding and embracing the message of the sermon.

Explanatory Notes: Your assignment will be to plan a worship service that will consist of a sequence of events that must be captured under one document that will include all the requirements as set out in IAC0101 – 0104. 

Your planned sermon must incorporate the knowledge obtained in this module; this includes choosing a liturgical tradition from one of the six in Section One, applying one of the principles of conducting a worship service (i.e.., marriage, funeral, deliverance, and healing, meditative, etc.) with your liturgical choice and to ensure that your liturgical principles will bring forth an encounter with God, and of mutual fellowship.  

Word Count: 500 – 600 Words.

  1. IAC0201: Communicate how you will conduct the service and how you plan to involve the faith community, using conventions appropriate to the context, in oral form or a practical demonstration that:
  • The faith community will experience a personal encounter with God
  • The faith community will experience the mutual fellowship of believers
  • The faith community will understand and relate to the message

Explanatory Notes: You will now outline the entire process – from start to end how you aim to conduct the service previously planned in IAC0101 – 0104. You need to show how you involve the faith community so that they will experience a personal encounter with God, experience the mutual fellowship of believers, and understand and relate to your prepared message. Apply the knowledge gained in Section 4 Module 6 for effective preaching and public speaking principles.

Word Count: 600 – 700 Words.

  1. IAC0301: Take account of and act in accordance with prescribed relevant sacrament tradition in preparing and administering the sacraments and allocating supporting roles to faith community members.
  2. IAC0302: Take account of and act in accordance with prescribed relevant sacrament tradition in administering the sacraments and reflecting on the meaning of the sacraments.

Explanatory Notes: This is a practical exercise where you are required to plan, prepare and administer the sacraments in accordance with the prescribed relevant sacrament tradition (See Section 1.3) of your faith community/group. 

  • Document the following process:
  • Prepare the sacrament elements,
  • identify supporting roles in your faith community,
  • Allocate tasks to those supporting members and lead your group in reflection on the meaning of the sacraments
  • Prepare the group to receive the sacraments and administer the sacraments.

Please take note of the following: You must submit one general assignment but with two subheadings: IAC0301, which will reflect the preparation and allocation of the sacraments, and IA0302, which must reflect the actual administering and reflection of the sacraments. 

Word Count: 500 – 600 Words.