Counselling-NQF5-KM-01 Assignment

These assessments are part of the learning proses and serve as preparation for the summative assessment. All assignments must be written in your own words and not just a duplication of the content of this module. Each IAC must be approximately 150 words (1 A4 page written – writing, must be readable) and all 5 IAC assignments must be handed in together with a front page indicating the student’s name, student number and assignment heading e.g., “IAC0101-IAC0105.”

Section 1 – Paradigm Shift In Relation To Counselling

  • IAC0101 Identify and explain, with the aid of guidelines, the different approaches or counselling theories to well-being.
  • IAC0102 Recognise the scope and describe circumstances that warrant the referral to appropriate service that can address the need of the counselee at hand.
  • IAC0103 Identify and motivate, with reference to examples, appropriate interventions suitable to the applicable model.
  • IAC0104 Identify and explain risk factors using the appropriate approach to manage the identified challenges.
  • IAC0105 Explain the importance of using recommended techniques when screening and /or assessing the counselee.

Section 2 – Fundamental Well-Being Models

  • IAC0201 Identify and describe various counselling models, in relation to their application, making use of scenarios.
  • IAC0202 Compare and contrast various counselling models in relation to circumstances and domains that warrant the use of each.
  • IAC0203 Given a scenario, identify the most appropriate counselling approach to employ/ use when screening and or assessing a specific counselee and explain the choice of the model.
  • IAC0204 Explain the importance of using recommended techniques when screening and /or assessing the counselee.

Section 3 – Screening And/ Or Assessment Techniques

  • IAC0301 Identify various screening and/ or assessment tools likely to employ to facilitate the screening and/ or assessment. [tools may include but are not limited to questionnaires addressing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Challenges (SWOT) in a holistic understanding of well-being, reflection from self, supportive environment, circle of well-being, etc.]
  • IAC0302 Discuss ways in which the Community Counsellor can determine the state of counselee’s well-being
  • IAC0303 Explain how to use the counselee’s personal and environmental status that is plotted to determine the status of well-being (Tools to use may include but are not limited to: ‘Tree of life’, ‘River of life’ Circle of Courage’),
  • IAC0304 Explain the importance of guiding the counselee to address growth areas in relation to the presented challenges.
  • IAC0305 Explain why a Social Counselling Worker should recommend and advise.
  • IAC0306 Explain the importance of prevention and /or pro-active life skills as they apply to the enhancement of well-being.